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Issue #100, Vol. 30, 2nd Quarter, 2004

Table of Contents
President's LetterMarcel Jussaume #756746
Editor's PagePauline Cusson #257247
Étoile d'Acadie
    Who Are the Acadians?C. Mel Surette #466448
    CMA 2004 News From The World Acadian CongressC. Mel Surette #466451
    Celebrating Our Heritage: CMA 2004Lucie LeBlanc Consentino #678171
    Charles Orillon dit Champagne StreetHenri Champagne #386 [letter]
Michelle Champagne, Paris, France
From Other PublicationsLaurent Autotte #350574
Family Association NewsJoseph R. Lavigne #170575
Catherine Delavaux Barbier, Ancestor of Several Trudeau and Beaudry Families - Part IIHelen Morin Maxson #96076
A Young Frenchman Goes To WarA. Michael Lemire #586980
With a Lot of "LUCK"Philip A. Cochran #192184
Spotlight On BooksPauline Cusson #257286
QueriesMary Anna Paquette #237887
New MembersJulie Smith #314789
Annual Treasurer's ReportPaul Lambert #624090

President's Page
Marcel Jussaume #7567

Issue # 100! Another milestone has been reached for ACGS; you are holding our 100th issue of the Genealogist! I have to start by thanking and congratulating our Editors, past and present, for the dedication and long hours put into making our Journal a very fine publication. I should also thank the many people behind the scenes who have proof read, managed the queries, and submitted all the great articles and shared their genealogical stories and discoveries with all of us over the years.

You will notice that the major focus of this issue deals with the upcoming Congrés Mondial Acadien 2004 also more readily known as CMA2004. This is the 400th Anniversary year of the arrival of the first French settlers to New France. From all of the press and media I have been seeing about this year, it promises to be a big celebration. If you have any Acadian bloodlines, you might want to check out the entire goings on, especially all of the family reunions being planned in August of this year. You can go to their web site at www.cma2004.com for lots of info and dates.

Another thing I should remind you about and ask you to mark your calendars for is our Fall Conference and Annual Meeting. We have a couple of speakers lined up already and we are waiting to hear back from others to round out the presentations for the day.

So don't forget mark September 24th and 25th on your calendar now so you don't forget. There will be more about the Fall Conference in our next issue. Also, we will have the information on our web site once we have all the speakers lined up and details ironed out - www.acgs.org.

On another business note, I would like to thank all of the people who have donated materials and supplies to us. These items have come in handy over the years. There is, however, one area where we need to ask people to stop donating though. We have to ask you to please stop donating and/or dropping off your old computers and monitors without first checking with us to see if we can use it. We cannot dispose of non-working computers or monitors. We have to pay a fee to dispose of each one of them because, as I am sure most of you are aware, they are considered hazardous waste. About a year and a half ago, we were fortunate to be able to dispose of about 20 unfixable computer monitors for free. Since then, the little gremlins and elves have been busy re-supplying us with more old monitors. We have been unable to repair most of them or found it uneconomical to do so. So, as much as we appreciate your donations, please call and/or check with the Computer Chairman before you drop off your old computer. In the long run, it just costs us money and we end up with nothing to show for it. We hope you will understand this dilemma.

As always if you see or know of anything that can help make the Society better, please let us know. Officers and directors each have an e-mail link at our web site - click on the tab "About us".

Editor's Page
Pauline Cusson #2572

Two great events in this issue - this is our 100th issue of the [American-Canadian] Genealogist; and this summer the 'event of the year' begins at the end of July. So, we stepped "out of the box" on this issue!

Our hat is off to our Acadian cousins. There is an exciting event beginning to unfold and blossom in Nova Scotia. You've heard the promotions and have probably read a few in our journal over the past few years but nothing can stand in for the real thing. We began in earnest in our last issue with a recap of what is happening around the World in regards to the Acadian World Congress being held in Nova Scotia this year. In their honor, we are featuring all things Acadian in leading articles of this issue. Mel Surette, #4664 has contributed two articles that will inform you and amaze you! He has woven the events of the Congress into his family with great detail. But don't discount the article because it does not focus on your family name - just read a few paragraphs and you'll soon learn that he writes about ALL Acadians, no matter the name.

In keeping with our Acadian theme, I received a letter from Henri Champagne, #365 giving us some background on a street named, Charles Orillon dit Champagne in Nicolet, Qc. He forwarded a letter from another descendant of Charles, Michelle Champagne of Paris, France, giving us a biography of their ancestor.

Lucie LeBlanc Consentino has provided a moving article entitled, Celebrating Our Acadian Heritage: CMA2004. Although the article tells it all, it is also very enlightening to visit Lucie's home page at www.acadian-home.org. There are some very interesting items nestled among the numerous pages of her web site including some short articles "from the desk of" Stephen White, Genealogist. We continue with Part II of the Catherine Barbier Delavaux saga very well written by Helen Morin Maxon, #960 to be followed by the conclusion in the next issue.

As a result of the many listings of "From Other Publications" that Larry Autote, #3505 provided in past issues, Michael Lemire, #5869 saw his own article listed from Je Me Souviens, the journal of the American-French Genealogical Society in Woonsocket, RI. With a little 'touch-up' he is pleased to present it to us for our enjoyment.

Roger Lawrence, #1, spotted an interesting letter written to "Roots Review" by our member, Philip Cochran, #1921 who has given us permission to reprint it in our journal.

I received a note from one of our members regarding some inaccuracies in the article in Issue #99 entitled, Germanic Blood Among French Canadians. This was a reprint from another publication and was not edited for content. Our member says, "I enjoyed the article in the Genealogist on the Germans but there are some gross inaccuracies on page 11 where it says "Following the defeat of France in Acadia in 1755, the British Army had decided that not only the Acadians had to be deported to Louisana......"; actually the defeat was in the 1710-11 period and the treaty was in 1713; and no one was ever deported to Louisiana but they migrated there eventually!"

Thank you John for letting me know so that our members are now aware of the error. I have also notified the editor of the journal who submitted the article to us.